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Fact #140

In today’s fact we learn about Nautilus! Mr. Toes teaches us what a Nautilus is as an old ocean cap’n drops in to say hello.

The Fact a Day:

Did you know that…A Nautilus is a cephalopod, which is a type of mollusk. It’s a distant cousin to squids, octopus, and cuttlefish. Unlike its color changing cousins, it lives inside a hard external shell. The shell is made up of various interior chambers. The animal lives in the largest chamber in the shell, and the other chambers function like ballast tanks of a submarine. 

Water is pumped in through the living chamber, and other various chambers by pushing and pulling its body into various chambers causing a jet to shoot out of the shell that will push it up,  down, left or right in the water. According to fossil records, varieties of nautilus have existed for about 500 million years.

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