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The Fact A Day Album: The Gaming Wizard | feat. PremierTwo  by CamBomb

Was The Inspiration For This Song?


I stumbled onto Peter’s Twitch Channel one day and found the community of people to be so kind, inviting and supportive that I decided to stick around. In turn, it’s been quite a bit of fun getting to make new friends from around the world & bonding over games, movies, music, travel, food and silliness & kindness to one another.

The world can be too intense sometimes, and knowing that communities like this exist, which Peter founded was inspiring. So, that led me to writing a song about the community with an epic video game feel to it combined with tales of the channel and content creator himself. It’s a root’n toot’n rock’n and roll’n tune and I hope you enjoy it! Family friendly as always…I’ve even heard that toddlers are jamming out to it!

Stop on by Peter’s channel and say hello – tell um CamBomb & The Fact a Day sent ya! :)

Check Out Premier Two Peter:

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Why Is There a Fact a Day Album?


This album was commissioned in honor of hitting 1,000 subscribers on YouTube! We’re working with CamBomb to write the lyrics & we’re hoping for a full 10 song album of fun, kind, and upbeat songs that both kids and adults can jam out to. 

Its like mixing Raffi and dance / trance music all into one! Imagine dancing to a song about cheerios at a nightclub? How awesome would that be? 

When Was This Song Released?


August 11th at 6:00AM EST 

Song Lyrics:

  • [[Intro]]
    • So Peter…you’ve become a pirate…
    • No…I’ve become…A Gaming WIZARD!
  • [[Verse 1]]
    • Playing a game in the world today takes everything you’ve got
    • Having a friend who’s a gaming wizard, sure would help a lot
    • Can’t beat that boss without a team, gotta find some friends when in need
    • A ragtag crew from around the world –   games, laughs, fun…ALL ABOARRRRRRRD
  • [[Verse 2]]
    • The gaming wizard is always here
    • Some  call him Pete   Some say premiere
    • A friend to you   A friend to all
    • Always with a smile   Always messing up
    • A cup goes flying   A head hits the desk   Nothing works!     Oh well woohoo!
    • Fun was had,  marbles were played It’s something to enjoy,  That never gets old
  • [[Verse 3]] 
    • Games are for fun,   bringing us together
    • A challenge to endeavor   & the love of laughter
    • 8bit, strategy, fighting or adventure
    • A style for everyone,     the center for adventure!
    • Now come on down and sit awhile, relax , chillax and feel the vibe
    • Premiere Two Pete has got to beat every game he meets as greets the peeps
  • [[Outro]] 
    • So Peter…you’ve become a pirate…
    • No…I’ve become…A Gaming WIZARD!

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