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Fact #133

In today’s fact we learn about Sea Shanties! Mr. Toes teaches us about the different types of Sea Shanties.

The Fact a Day:
Did you know that…There are at least 5 types of Sea Shanties. The Short Haul for example was designed for short hard bouts of pulling in synchronization. For example, during the chorus the crew would yell “Haul” and they would give a tug. Haul on The Bowline is a good example of the Standard Short Haul Shanty. 

The hand over hand shanty would be two or more pulls per verse. Drunken sailor is a good hand over hand shanty example. The Long haul or “Halyard Shanty” is for more sustained periods of pulling with rest periods built into the song. Blow The Man Down is a good example of this. 

Capstan and Pumping shanties were designed for periods of easy but continuous effort. Boney Was a Warrior is a good example of this. Other shanties were used for relaxing in the evenings, such as “Leave Her Johnny” which is more lyrical and meant for relaxation and enjoyment.

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